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Professional Translation Services

At Derby Translations we help you leap briskly over language barriers by putting the power of words at your disposal and letting you tell your story with a compelling, persuasive and powerful voice.

One Stop Translation Provider - All Industries

Our team of experts allows us to cover all major industries and professional fields.

Simultaneous Translation

Derby Translation offers Simultaneous translation services for real-time verbal translation. We combine highly skilled conference translators and technological expertise, which ensures clear and precise communication.

Simultaneous translation is a highly specialized area of translation that not only needs verbal interpretation but also requires matching the speed and speech patterns of the speaker within a handful of seconds. We aim to make the translation efficient while still making sure both speaker and respondent are comfortable. Our translators are either native translators, university professors or professionals with 15 to 20 years of experience.

Derby Translation has provided simultaneous translation tools on document basis along with translators and technicians supporting more than 70 Languages.

Contract Translation

Whether it’s a commercial contract, a patent letter, or any other legal document, we can turn them into professional grade products across different languages. Clarity and confidentiality are our highest priorities.

Should you require Legal Document Translation services, get in touch today with our professional translators.

The need of translation is increasing as per the latest technology and the world coming closer, the need for the company for the translation services are arising with every passing hour. One of the most challenging areas in translation is legal translation. Because of all its nitty-gritties involved.

Derby Translation delivers nothing but the best as we know the need and the importance of your legal documents. We translate all legal documents from home country language to any language as per the need

We provide the following types of Contract translation services:

  • Foreign Contract text translation
  • Intellectual property and patent translation
  • Registration document translation
  • Contract marketing translation
  • Witness statement translation
  • License translation
  • Expert report translation
  • Translation of official documents such as Articles of Association
  • Translation of wills
  • Immigration / Naturalization documents translation
  • Litigation related documents translation
  • Arbitration translation
  • Contract translation
  • Correspondence translation
  • Contract dictionary of terms translation
  • Annual report translation
  • Property documents translation

Technical Translation

Every industry has its own assumptions, terminology, and best practices. We make sure our team is well versed in all of them before beginning any new engagement. Your translation will be done by someone deeply familiar with the context and details of your industry.

We have worked on technical translations covering these areas:

  • Installation Guides
  • Operation Manuals
  • Bill of Materials
  • Labels
  • Presentations
  • Safety Manuals
  • Software Translation and Localization
  • Training Materials
  • Technical Proposals
  • Product Catalogues
  • User guides
  • Engineering Drawings
  • E-learning Material
  • Marketing Brochures
  • Sales Collaterals
  • Maintenance Manuals
  • Company Newsletters
  • Plant / Machinery Specifications

Website Translation

Derby Translation makes sure that the translated version of your website is clear, accurate, and precise. Our translators focus on converting content that is appropriately localized for your target audience.

Derby website translation process:

1. Structural requirements:

The components of the website are defined well before beginning the translation process. Our translators, in addition to the working on content, look after links and structural components. For example, images and icons are also translated according to our client’s preferences. The wholesale effort ensures a smooth user experience.

2. Website internationalization

This process helps display your website in a language that corresponds to your user’s preferences.

3. Content Translation:

Your website's HTML and XML files can further be translated to foreign languages.

4. Database Translation:

Databases can be translated to the target language of your choice.

5. Post support services:

Post translation, our team monitors your website to ensure the projects meets your standards.

Email Translation

Any company that operates across borders will have employees and clients that work in different languages. The subpar solution is to rely on translation software that miss the structure and details embedded in effective professional emails. We make sure your online communication is done in a quick and clear fashion without losing context.

We have skilled and experienced partners with 4-5 years of experience focused on e-mail translation. They know how to tackle the nuances of different languages and cultures. If you are looking for a cost-effective email translation service with a quick turnaround time then we are the perfect choice for your organization.

Education & Instructional Translation

At Derby Translation Services, we understand this essential role of product and user manuals, which helps us provide you with the optimal translations across training material. Post-translation error checks and audits are conducted stringently by Derby Translation Services team of specialized, native language proof readers. This ensures that the translations are error-free and adhere to O2I's quality standards.

Based on their experience, our audit team also passes recommendations on replacing certain words or sentences, or using certain styles. This process ensures that precise and clear translation is achieved.

Multimedia Translations

We know that word-by-word translation does not provide the foundation for clear communication, which is especially true in the multimedia market where context is the key. As such, we have skilled and experienced multimedia translators with 5+ years of experience in adapting multimedia presentations into different foreign languages with attention to cultural nuances.

If you are looking for a cost effective multimedia translation services with a quick turnaround time, we are the perfect choice for your organization. We provide tailored translation solutions for your multimedia presentations and projects.

Multilingual Translation

We can help you translate your content into more than one foreign language. With our professional multilingual services you can effectively communicate with the local populace of diverse, international countries. Depending on the nature of the documents present, we prepare a customized translation solution that leverages the strength of our cross-country experts.


  • We adhere to the code of professional ethics and business conduct. During the translation process our translation team deals with your content very carefully.
  • Our multilingual team are experts at translating your content into foreign languages that suits the cultural, technical and linguistic needs.
  • Our translators are well known with the local customs and cultural nuances of the target language in which your content is translated.
  • Review of word usage, and other details of documents before starting the translation process.
  • Our Quality analyst’s team helps validating the authenticity of translation service.
  • Prompt delivery and quick turnaround time.
  • Cost-effective.

Medical Translations

Derby Medical Translation offers translation of medical documents like patient doctor communication, consent forms, documentation of surgeries, transcription of medical conferences, to name only a few.

We provide HIPAA compliant medical translation and medical interpreting services from our network of certified medical translators and interpreters. We ensure that the medical terminologies used while translating documents are precise and verified to ensure understanding across languages. Our teams understand the gravity of this work, which is why our overseas customers trust and rely on us time and time again.

As your patients diversify, avoid the repercussions of miscommunication. Stay properly connected with our industry leading healthcare translation services.


Our dedicated team of translation and subtitling experts ensures fast and accurate multilingual subtitling services for all types of multimedia.

Effective Communication

A vast majority of social media sites auto play videos a user’s news feed with the sound turned off. Even though your video may receive a large number of views, only 20% of viewers may turn the sound on. Subtitles are a great option to ensure that no information is missed!

Greater Visibility

Search engines can crawl transcripts of videos as well as subtitle text files that a video references as it plays. Since the search engine indexes this information, the text used works as a great stepping stone to improving SEO.

Global Outreach

Videos available online are globally accessible. Including multilingual subtitles on your videos ensures that you reach and engage a larger, international audience. We are mindful of cultural differences and create content that is easy to understand and relate to a foreign viewer.