Website Translation


Derby Translation makes sure that the translated version of your website is accurate, precise and has more clarity. We have experienced marketing content translators who translate your website content as per your target language. Our content translators ensures that the translated content is appropriately localise for your target audience.

Derby website translation process:

1. Structural requirements:

The components of the website is defined well before getting in the process of translation.Our translators apart from the content they also look after other links and structural components. Like images and icons are also translated according to our clients preferences. All this helps easy navigation.

2. Website internationalization

This process helps to display your website in correct language in whichever language a visitor views the website.

3. Content Translation:

Your website's HTML and XML files are translated to other foreign languages.

4. Database Translation:

Database is translated to the target language of your choice.

5. Post support services:

Post translation, our translators monitors your website.