Simultaneous Interpreting


Derby translation offers Simultaneous translation services that is used for the specific skill of verbal translation from one language to another in real time. We make this possible by the combination of highly skilled conference translators with our tools necessary for them to be able to deliver the best.

Simultaneous translation is the highly specialised area of translation, which not only need a complete interpretation verbally but at the same time it is required to match with the speed of the speaker with only a few seconds delay in the speech of the speaker.

Looking upon diverse culture and languages of our clients our Simultaneous translators need to be well versed with this area of knowledge to cope up with their expectations and the requirement.

Our translators are well versed with the technical know-how of the subject to be spoken on floor as well as similar market experience.

Our translators not only does translation from one language to another but also make both parties comfortable while translating. Our translators creates a cultural balance between two natives from diverse background. Our translators are either native translators, university professors or professionals who have vast experience of over 15 to 20 years.

Derby translation has provided simultaneous translation tools on document basis along with translators and technicians with support of more than 360 Languages.