About Us


Derby Translation is one of the UAE leading translation and language services providers, has been established to provide a range of high quality products and services enabling its clients to effectively engage in the worldwide competition and have their market shares increased through approaching new audience and targeting new destinations.
Derby Translations backed with 14 years of experience in translations and localization, offering language services in about 360 languages. The Best place for Quality services at economical prices. Derby Translations is a one-stop resource for handling all of language related service requirements.
Since inception, Derby Translations has been recognized for the best quality services it delivers not only for UAE leading industry leaders but also for foreign partners around the globe. We have long record of achievements in the field of translation that make us the best legal translation provider ever.
For the past years, Derby Translations has been providing high quality translation services for a wide range of national and multinational companies, as well as medium and small-sized firms, government agencies, universities, foundations and individuals in countries all over the world.
Derby Translations operation lines cover multilingual content and related services including Language Services, Content Development, Conferencing, Event Organization and Web Solutions.
Derby Translations content products are either exclusive to specific clients or developed to public audience & are carefully designed to satisfy clients’ need for reliable industry insights that drive their business strategies and decision making policies.
For the next years, Derby Translations planned to be the UAE industry leader in the field of translation and language services, as well as getting a wide range of national and multinational clients who trusted us for providing high quality translation services in countries all over the world.


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